Monday, June 22, 2015

Free Promo and Upcoming Release!

Firstborn, the first book in the popular MaCall Prophecy Trilogy, will be free this week only on Amazon!

Jac MaCall is the eldest daughter of a wealthy and brilliant security consultant.  She, however, has chosen a different life for herself, running a new age store that specializes in selling crystals, candles, and aromatherapy that enable people to tap into their subconscious awareness.  But when Dr. Will Archer's office is vandalized by a dangerous organization threatening his life, fate sends Jac in as a consultant for her father's business to update his security and provide additional protection.  The old adage about opposites attracting proves true the moment Will opens his door and finds the exotic beauty standing in yoga pants while lecturing him on his security system and asking questions better left to the police.  In time, Will and Jac learn that a prophecy involving the firstborn child of Will Archer has an extremist miltant group fearful enough that they will not stop until Will and his unborn child are destroyed.  And when Jac gets a vision of her own future with the irresistibly uptight Dr. Archer, it becomes evident that she will play a bigger role in this prophcy than anyone had imagined...and Will Archer's enemies soon include her as a threat to their future.

Additionally, my newest paranormal romantic suspense, Evaporation, will be released later this week!  This book is long overdue, to say the least.   I will release an excerpt later today.  Enjoy!

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