Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Daughter of the Demimonde is the first book in my new historical romance series, The Demimonde Trilogy.  I am offering it for free for one day only, Wednesday, March 26.

   It is 1910, and the city of Butte, Montana is on its way to becoming one of the wealthiest cities of America.  The success of the silver and copper mines has drawn a number of young men in search of fortune and glory.  Not surprising, a number of women followed these men in search of their own fortune, and thus the Demimonde was formed.  
      Cathleen Ainsley grew up admiring the strength and independence of her mother, a powerful madam in the red light district of Butte.  And when the newly formed Bureau of Investigation sends the irresistible Kane Malone to Mercury Street to investigate allegations of human trafficking in the parlor houses, Cat is eager to prove her mother's honest heroism.  His charm and conviction capture her heart, and she agrees to assist with the investigation.  It is her close and personal look at the underbelly of the red light district that causes her to question everything she thought she knew about herself and her mother.  And in an effort to protect her mother's innocence, she may end up sacrificing her own.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

NEW RELEASE...Now Available on Amazon

It's official.  My first book of my new historical romance trilogy is now available.

The Demimonde Trilogy will follow three women with very different relationships to the red light district of Butte, Montana in 1910.  At this time, a number of monumental historical events were taking place in this very town.  The Bureau of Investigations (later the FBI) was founded just a few years earlier and they were put in charge of investigating allegations of human trafficking in the brothels.  With the huge success of the copper mines also came some early formations of unions fighting for the rights of miners in Butte and Anaconda.  And as the influence of both the groups of Copper Kings and madams grew, corruption in the town inspired the Progressive Movement, led by the Women's Christian Temperance Union, among others.  War ensued between the BOI and the parlor houses, the unions and the copper companies, and the righteous and the "fallen women" of the town.

All of these events shaped the future of not only Montana, but also the entire nation.  It is a time and place that captured my attention over a year ago, and I've been ecstatic about writing this series ever since.

DAUGHTER OF THE DEMIMONDE features Cathleen Ainsley, the daughter of the (fictionally) infamous Nora Ainsley, parlor house madam extraordinaire.  Cat is perfectly aware of the sacrifices her widowed mother made to raise her, and she would do anything for her...even if it means going against the Bureau of Investigations.  Agent Kane Malone has come to town to investigate allegations of human trafficking, and he won't leave without his madam.  To prove her mother's innocence, Cat agrees to help the agent identify the woman responsible for entrapping young girls and forcing them into a life of prostitution.  But she may end up sacrificing her own innocence to prove her mother's.

Monday, March 3, 2014

FIRSTBORN is FREE on Amazon!

You can now download FIRSTBORN on Amazon for free!  This promotion will only run until Wednesday.  Enjoy!

     Jac MaCall is the eldest daughter of a wealthy and brilliant security consultant. She, however, has chosen a different life for herself, running a new age store that specializes in selling crystals, candles, and aromatherapy that enable people to tap into their subconscious awareness. But when Dr. Will Archer’s office is vandalized by a dangerous organization threatening his life, fate sends Jac in as a consultant for her father’s business to update his security and provide additional protection. 
     The old adage about opposites attracting proves true the moment he opens his door and finds the exotic beauty standing in her yoga pants while lecturing him on his security system and asking questions better left to the police. In time, Will and Jac learn that a prophecy involving the firstborn child of Will Archer has an extremist militant group fearful enough that they will not stop until Will and his unborn child are destroyed. And when Jac gets a vision of her own future with the uptight and irresistible Dr. Archer, it becomes evident to everyone involved that she will play a bigger role in this prophecy than anyone had imagined.