Friday, April 11, 2014

The Demimonde Trilogy - Book 2

The second book in The Demimonde Trilogy is shaping up nicely.

The novel will take us back to Butte, Montana again, and it's still 1910.  The focus is on Justine, a high price woman from the red light district.  Her past is painful; her future is uncertain.  And presently, she finds herself living comfortably in a life of luxury that permits her enjoyment of the company of a man with whom she is secretly in love.

But times are treacherous on Mercury Street.  And the comfortable life that Justine has built around her begins to fall apart.  The pain from her past is revisiting her even as the competition in the red light district escalates.  And the conflict between the miners' union and the corporations are also coming to a head, a conflict that threatens Justine's life and livelihood, as well.

And the man she has spent six years loving is finally ready to settle down...with a perfectly suitable daughter from a respectable family.

I expect this will end up being my favorite book in this trilogy.  And I'm hoping for a release date some time in June.

In the meantime, check out the first book in the series, Daughter of the Demimonde, which introduces Cat Ainsley, the naive daughter of a red light district madam.  She is inadvertently involved in a human trafficking investigation that leads her into the seedy underbelly of her mother's world and pushes her into the arms of the federal agent leading the hunt.