Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Clean Slate...A New Trilogy

I started my new trilogy this weekend, and it's a pretty awesome feeling.  As good as it feels to wrap up a project like The MaCall Prophecy Trilogy, it feels even better to start a new one.  I'm all giddy and excited and full of ideas.

The Demimonde Trilogy is going to take me back to the historical romance.  There will also be some suspense, but that is secondary to the history and the romance.  All three books are set in Butte, Montana in 1910, and the research has been fascinating!  What a remarkable time and a remarkable place!  I keep stumbling upon new golden nuggets and thinking to myself, "I have to incorporate that." This is why I decided to turn one book into three.

In addition to the steamy romances and the strong-willed characters, I also get to create stories around the issues of human trafficking, prostitution, labor union fights, the Suffrage Movement, and the Progressive Movement.  See! I told you that it was a remarkable time.

Is anyone else annoyed by my overuse of exclamation points yet?

I can't help it!  This project has me pretty pumped up.

I sketched out some hopeful release dates, but I'm not prepared to share those.  I'm only on page five, and a lot can happen between now and then to throw those dates off.  And frankly, I've been eagerly anticipating this project for months, so I'm going to take my time to enjoy it and do it properly.

And since I have five more days before I get buried by my real job's obligations, I plan to put in some serious writing this week.  I'll begin releasing some sample pages in January.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you all!
And be well.